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Traditional Jewellery Guide for the Bihari Bride

Replete with gold ornaments that are a reflection of her culture, the Bihari Bride’s jewelry exudes classic desi elegance.

With colorful festivities that last for days, Bihari weddings are a feast for the eyes, celebrations that’ll leave one utterly satisfied. True to tradition, these weddings stay authentic to their desi style and have undergone very few changes over the years. Keeping that in mind, the Bihari bride also favors the traditions that her ancestors have set before her. A showstopper in a zari saree, her jewelry box mostly comprises gold ornaments that leave the eyes dazzled.

So, if you’re a bride from Bihar looking to go for a traditional look for your big day, here’s a quick jewelry guide to help you make the best choices.

Forged out of gold and boasting an intricate lacy design, the gold choker is a must-have in the Bihari bride’s kit and is paired with longer necklaces.

Bihari Bride Photos Courtesy: SVTM Jewels and Tanishq

Crafted out of gold pearls, this layered necklace is one of the longer necklaces in the Bihari bride’s collection and dual lockets on either side that are adorned with floral motifs.

Bihari Bride Photos Courtesy: SVTM Jewels and Tanishq

Similar to the extremely popular maang tikka, the tikli is a head ornament that’s worn on the central parting of the bride’s hair and is also studded with precious stones.

Bihari Bride Photos Courtesy: Anuradha Art Jewellery and Tikli Kushals

Made out of five layers, the panchlari necklace is traditionally crafted out of pearls and colorful gems with each individual necklace containing a dainty locket.

Bihari Bride Photos Courtesy: Ayati and Mortantra Jewellery

Similar to the saat lada haar that’s popular in the north and the south, the satlari is layered with seven necklaces with lockets that are encrusted with pearls and precious stones.

Bihari Bride Photos Courtesy: Kishandas & Co

Sita Haar:
A statement-making long necklace that’s usually paired with other shorter necklaces, the Sita Haar is forged out of gold and dangles down to the bride’s waist.

Bihari Bride Photos Courtesy: Manubhai Jewellers and Waman Hari Pethe Sons

Bold and quintessentially desi, the gold nath adorns the nose of the bride and is also accompanied by a chain that can be attached to the hair for support.

Bihari Bride Photos Courtesy: Eventila and The Photo Wardrobe Studio by Manish Rathore

Adorned with an ornate gold drum-shaped locket, the dholna is not just worn by Bihari women on their wedding day but also on festive occasions.

Bihari Bride Photos Courtesy: P Buy Sites and A.Sirkar Jewellers

Playing an essential role in her bridal look, delicate and bright glass bangles, as well as heavy gold balis, are favored not just by the Bihari bride but also by Bihari women in general.

Bihari Bride Photos Courtesy: Clique Studio

A headgear crafted out of mango or date leaves and sported by the bride, the mauri is worn during the wedding ceremony and is nowadays also made out of fancy papers and mirrors.

Similar to many other brides on the Indian subcontinent the Bihari bride also dons silver/gold toe rings on her middle toe to signify she’s a married woman.

Bihari Bride Photos Courtesy: Mojito and Samreen Vance

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