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10 bridesmaids outfit ideas to make your wedding day picture perfect

From muted pastel lehengas to bold printed indo-western outfits, here’s a quick guide to help you curate picture-perfect outfits for your bridesmaids.

For a bride who’s on a quest to make her vision of a perfect wedding come true, her squad always comes first. Regardless of the numerous challenges that come her way while planning her wedding, her bridesmaids are right there with her at every step of the way, tackling each obstacle head-on. Staying with her throughout the nuptials and making sure she has a jitter-free experience, bridesmaids are nothing less than essential for a bride. And, keeping in mind that their constant presence by the bride’s side will be captured in photographs, a coordinated wardrobe not only amps up the entire look of the wedding but also creates stunning compositions that lead to awe-inspiring photographs that’ll be treasured for a lifetime.

So, if you’re a bride to be who wants to make sure that each of your bridesmaids stays in-sync with your vision with stunning ensembles, here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Amp up the classic silhouette!
Fashion designer Ridhi Mehra suggests, “A belted saree is an absolute must-have that amps up the regular saree. Since they’re feminine and flatter every body type, a belted pre-draped saree is extremely comfortable for the girls. Adding extra oomph and sparkle to that would be a jewelled belt that does the trick perfectly!”

Bridesmaids Styling TipsPhoto Courtesy: Ridhi Mehra

Play it up with similar prints
Cohesive yet unique, allow your bridesmaids to choose a hue or a silhouette of their choice while making sure all their outfits sport similar prints and motifs.

Bridesmaids always look their best when they’re dressed in coordinated outfits. Also, prints give you plenty of scope to play around with colors. One can either choose the same outfits in different prints or the same print on a different outfit!”, suggests designer stylist Mahima Mahajan.

Bridesmaids Styling TipsPhoto Courtesy: Amrit Photography (Left); Hitched & Clicked (Right)

Bridesmaids Styling TipsPhoto Courtesy: Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

Mix and Match with the same hue
Give your bridesmaids the liberty to choose silhouettes that suit their body type while making sure all their outfits belong to the same color family. Stylist Harshita Daga suggests, “Bridesmaids dressed in monochrome outfits in a lighter tone while the bride sports a darker tone of the same hue, is a feast for the eyes creating aesthetically pleasing frames.”

Bridesmaids Styling TipsPhoto Courtesy: House On The Clouds

Go for the Classic Silhouettes
Dripping with style and elegance, a complementing color scheme, when paired with desi silhouettes like sarees or lehengas, can effortlessly create magic on camera.
“It’s always best to go for simpler silhouettes for your bridesmaids. Minimalistic sarees, salwar suits, and gowns make sure that you, the bride, is in the spotlight. However, if you’re planning to don a lehenga and have decided the same for your bridesmaids then make sure that their skirts aren’t too flowy.”, suggests Wedding Photographer Harsheen Jammu from Ombre by Harsheen Jammu.

Bridesmaids Styling TipsPhoto Courtesy: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

Balance and Match
While matching your bridesmaids’ outfits is a trend that has been on the radar for many years, this time around we urge you to pick a color that is secondary in your bridal lehenga. This way, each picture with you and your squad in the frame looks absolutely in sync without any of them stealing your thunder. Stylist Akshay Tyagi suggests, “Accentuate the subtle color details of your lehenga to create contrasting outfits for the bridesmaids which would also, in turn, complement your bridal outfit.”

Bridesmaids Styling TipsPhoto Courtesy: House On The Clouds

Play it safe with Pastels
Combining complementary pastel colors while you shine bright in a bold bridal hue, not only keeps everyone color coordinated but also allows each bridesmaid the freedom to express their style while staying in line with the wardrobe theme.
Stylist Shrusthi Gupta suggests, “For the big day, pastels are the safest route to take for a bridesmaid. Look out for colors like pastel peach, blue, or lilac that will not overpower your outfit. Additionally, you can also style their outfits with lighter accessories like a choker or a maang tikka. A statement blouse with an unembellished lehenga also looks amazing in pictures.”

Bridesmaids Styling TipsPhoto Courtesy: Shades

Bridesmaids Styling TipsPhoto Courtesy: Naman Verma Photography

Experiment with Combos
Indian weddings are filled to the brim with vibrant colors and if you’re a bride who’s keen on incorporating more than one color in your bridal wardrobe, then it’s best that your girl squad reflects the same, with each of them wearing an outfit that reflects one of the colors on your lehenga/saree.

Stylist Akshay Tyagi suggests, “If you’re opting to don a bright lehenga then you could have your bridesmaids dressed in metallic tones inspired by the colors in your accessories. Furthermore, if your bridesmaids wish to maintain their individuality, they can also opt for neutral or different metallic tones that correspond with your bridal outfit.”

Bridesmaids Styling TipsPhoto Courtesy: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

When in doubt, go White
The classic favorite for all the right reasons, white offers a delightfully striking contrast and gives your squad the liberty to play up their style with various accessories while you take the center stage with a richer hue during the nuptials.
“Lighter tones look fantastic for bridesmaids, especially if you’re conducting a day wedding. In my opinion, if all bridesmaids are color-coordinated with the bride and each other, the pictures not only come out fantastic but they also express unity.”, adds Tuhina Chopra from Tuhina Chopra Photoworks.

Bridesmaids Styling TipsPhoto Courtesy: Infinite Memories

Bridesmaids Styling TipsPhoto Courtesy: House On The Clouds

Subtle hues that add a tint of color
Fusing elegance and glamour to create well-composed frames where each girl can channel her own style, muted hues are perfect for adding a tint of color to your wedding pictures without going overboard.

“By choosing hues that belong to the same color palette or are complimentary on the color wheel one makes the frame more interesting as each color pops individually.”, suggests Yogi Trivedi from Oragraphy.

Bridesmaids Styling TipsPhoto Courtesy: Oragraphy

Clean silhouettes for tons of elegance
Fuss-free and minimalistic, a simple silhouette works wonders for your bride squad while you pave the way ahead in a heavier outfit. For this look, it’s best to go for sheer chiffon sarees, simply cut blouses or flowy sharara sets that contrast your intricate bridal set. Stylist Harshita Daga suggests adding a unique twist to this style especially for smaller functions like the sangeet. She shares, “If you’ve chosen to go comfy and unique in an indo-western outfit for your sangeet, then for contrast, you could have your bridesmaids sport lightweight lehengas or full-length anarkalis that’ll flow gracefully with each twirl.”

Bridesmaids Styling TipsPhoto Courtesy: Shades

Add a pop of vibrance with unusual hues
Perfect for the fearless bride who loves to take the less beaten path, this style allows your imagination to run free while you experiment with unusual hues.
“If you’re keen on experimenting with contrasting colors then make sure that the colors you pick complement each other. For e.g., red and blue, peach and purple, red and pink along with purple and blue are the few color combos that work really well with each other.”, suggests stylist Harshita Daga. Furthermore, Mohit Goel from Infinite Memories goes on to suggest, “One should always be aware of the colors they are going to be surrounded by and pick outfits that’ll stand out. Contrasting colors always do the trick and produce beautiful frames.”

Bridesmaids Styling TipsPhoto Courtesy: Sam & Ekta

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