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Karishma’s Bachelorette Bash in Mykonos, Greece

Yummy brunches, golden beaches and rocking parties - these made Karishma's bachelorette holiday in Mykonos a heady experience.

While rolling hills dotted with white chapels, sunny beaches and the brilliant blue expanse of the Aegean Sea, the magical island of Mykonos in Greece is a magnet for travelers from across the globe. Some come for its natural beauty, while others come to experience its enchanting mix of picture-perfect views, local flavors and rocking club scene.

Karishma’s Bachelorette Bash in Mykonos, Greece

Keen on the experiencing all that Mykonos had to offer, bride-to-be Karishma decided that she needed to head there with her squad of four friends before tying the knot. So she began dropping hints to her besties. She shares, “My bachelorette trip was a surprise planned by my friends. However, I had made it quite evident that I wanted to go to a place with beaches, crazy parties, and shopping. I was secretly hoping that they would pick Mykonos, and full points to my girls for nailing it!”

Karishma’s Bachelorette Bash in Mykonos, Greece

Why did she want to go to Mykonos specifically?
Karishma explains, “In most parts of the world parties are restricted to the night hours. However, in Mykonos, there are superb parties taking place all through the day! For this reason, I knew that my vacation there with my girls would be a bash that would go on for days. To make it better, there is no dearth of breathtaking beaches in Mykonos. We relished feeling the warm sand between our toes and the ocean breeze in our hair. We loved savoring the great European food and the phenomenal vibe all around the island. There was no other place that could have topped it.”

In an attempt to make their experience as local and authentic as possible, the girls steered away from booking into a hotel and opted to stay in a charming villa instead. “We booked a villa which was situated on a cliff on Paradise Beach. We would spend the mornings at the villa enjoying the insane views, cooking together and then heading to the beach!”

Karishma’s Bachelorette Bash in Mykonos, Greece Karishma’s Bachelorette Bash in Mykonos, Greece Karishma’s Bachelorette Bash in Mykonos, Greece Karishma’s Bachelorette Bash in Mykonos, Greece

What are some of her most treasured memories from the trip?
“Other than the obvious fun bachelorette games that I think everyone plays, what I loved was the time when we all cooked brunch together! We also danced to some of my favorite Bollywood and Punjabi numbers that we played daily. It almost became a ritual and a very exciting one at that!”

Karishma’s Bachelorette Bash in Mykonos, Greece

Looking back on this trip of a lifetime, Karishma recalls, “Everything about this trip was perfect – the place, the friendship rituals and the partying. I wore a sash that made it clear that I was a bride-to-be to just about everywhere we went and was thrilled with how we got our way in so many places because of that! Nobody says ‘No’ to a bride!”

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