Thailand’s charm is legendary, and Karishma and her friends fell for its allure when it was time for some uninterrupted girly fun during her bachelorette bash. The lush, hospitable ‘Land of Smiles’ offered a perfect balance between being close to home and yet offering an ideal escape from familiar faces and places.

Karishma Rupchandani's Bachelorette

Karishma shares, “My bachelorette party could only last five days because of our hectic routines. So it was certain that we had to choose one destination that was close and convenient to travel to.” She explored many options before zeroing in on Phi Phi and Krabi. She explains,“There were a couple of options such Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Singapore which I considered. Finally, we all agreed on Thailand because it offered a perfect mix of partying options and relaxing activities by the beach. Earlier, we were planning on going to the Full Moon party at Koh Samui, but since we found it too commercial, we switched to Phi Phi where we stayed for three nights, and Krabi where spent two nights.” The fact that Karishma and her friends had never visited these place was also a deciding factor in their choice.

Karishma Rupchandani's Bachelorette

Once the planning was taken care of, all that Karishma and her 11 close friends had to do was book their tickets and gear up for five days of merrymaking, partying and creating lasting memories. “In Phi Phi, we went for a day cruise on our private speed boat which took us to different islands around Phi Phi including Monkey Beach, Viking Cave, Loh Samah Bay and Maya Bay. In Krabi, we took one of the regular boats to cruise around and spent half a day at Phra Nang Beach. Additionally, we also indulged ourselves with lots of massages at the spa, seafood delights, bar hopping, and relaxing in our pool through the night.”

Karishma Rupchandani's Bachelorette

Karishma recalls how each day of her trip was special and how her squad played such an important role in making her feel like she was on top of the world “The fact that my friends had planned something special every single day resulted in many memorable moments. I would always step out of my room with a bride-to-be sash, or a tiara, or a weird looking sipper, and finally, on the last night, I was handcuffed with a cute pink pair of cuffs. This bachelorette was indeed very special since all my friends managed to squeeze out some time for this trip. We were planning this for almost three months. Finally, most of my friends could make it and we had a mad time. This was hands down the craziest trip of all our lives and I will definitely cherish every single day spent with my girls forever.”

Karishma Rupchandani's Bachelorette

Karishma Rupchandani's Bachelorette

Karishma Rupchandani's Bachelorette

Karishma Rupchandani's Bachelorette

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