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Shailey Ajmera’s exciting Bachelorette Holiday in Paris, France

Paris - the City of Love hosted bride-to-be Shailey Ajmera's squad of girlfriends who planned the perfect extended Bachelorette Bash for her.

Paris is considered the City of Love; but why must the words ‘Love’ and ‘Paris’ evoke images of couples alone? Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) of Sex and the City once said, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates, and guys are just people to have fun with”. Shailey Ajmera’s thoughts on soul mates seemed to match that of Carrie’s and her friends proved to be just that.

Shailey Ajmera's exciting Bachelorette Holiday in Paris, France

One of Shailey’s close friend shares, “On January 19 this year, I received a little Polaroid picture of Shailey and her fiancé that read ‘Buckle Up Bridesmaid, GAME ON!’ I was thrilled, and so were the other bridesmaids.”

It was a known fact that Shailey had always dreamed of a trip to the French capital to celebrate one of the most consequential events of her life. However, she never really thought her wish would materialize and always brushed it off.

“‘Where’s the Bachelorette Party?’ was my first thought when I received her exciting announcement,” recalls the friend. Little did Shailey know that her BFFs were quietly working to make her dream come true. “Since we all knew her dream destination, we got together and set on a mission to give her a trip of her lifetime!”

Soon, communication and action plans were put in place to organize the best bachelorette experience ever. “We started a group chat with all the close friends that Shailey wanted to invite; and to our joy, most of them could make it.”

All the enterprising girls pre-booked their tickets and chose a centrally located Airbnb accommodation in Paris so that all the places they wanted to visit and explore were convenient to reach.

Shailey Ajmera's exciting Bachelorette Holiday in Paris, France

While they did cover the usual touristy places such as Moulin Rouge, Louvre, Tuileries Garden, Grand Palais and Sainte Chapelle, they also extended the trip to a charming cafe that offered customers a collection of 10,000 books to go with a cup of their favorite coffee.

Shailey Ajmera's exciting Bachelorette Holiday in Paris, France

They also enjoyed the high-life at a rather extravagant night club. “We went all out and got Shailey a table at Bagatelle, which is one of the finest clubs in the world. Of course, we still wanted to make the evening a little more personal and special so we had a little pre-party for at our Airbnb home. That was our celebratory night!” shares her friend.

Shailey Ajmera's exciting Bachelorette Holiday in Paris, France

What is a Bachelorette Party without coordinated t-shirts for the bridesmaids, right? Shailey and her friends didn’t shy away from hopping on to that bandwagon. “The following day we had a little boat booked at the canal. We went on the cruise wearing our custom-made sleeveless tops that read ‘Bride’s Babe’ and ‘Bride-To-Be'”.

Shailey Ajmera's exciting Bachelorette Holiday in Paris, France

The squad also managed to catch the French National Day celebrations on the 14th of July at the iconic Eiffel Tower. “There was a fantastic display of fireworks that went on for 35 minutes! It was not just a spectacle – it was a truly special occasion and we all carried the memories of those magical moments home with us.”

They say that distances are only a test to see how far love can travel. For Shailey, her friends’ love for her journeyed right into her heart. “All of us live in different countries. Despite that, I had five of my closest girlfriends celebrating my last single trip in a beautiful city like Paris with me. In fact, I hadn’t met one of them since a year due to our busy lives, but the fact that everyone put the respective schedules on hold just to make this so special for me means so much!” says Shailey, adding with a laugh, “The vacation was definitely a success. Paris is a magical destination, and we partied and explored the city in equal measure. It was every girl’s dream trip – shop, drink some wine, explore, collect memories and sip some more wine.”

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