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Show Your Bridesmaids Some Love With these 5 Gifts

Here are 5 thoughtful gifting ideas to shower your bridesmaids with.

Your bridesmaids are amongst the people most deserving of your gratitude at your wedding – the emotional support they provide, the fashion advice, the sea of things they’ve taken care of – anchor to your ship and also wind in your sails, we understand the need to gift them something truly unique to show how much you cherish them.

But what makes the ideal present? Don’t sweat it. We’ve done your homework for you!

1. For The Life Of The Party
Indian weddings are 50% party and 50% tradition but ensure they are a 100% fun for your favorite girls with this ‘Wedding Survival Kit’ by Morning Fresh that will ensure that they party hard, rest well and make it in time for your early morning function!

The customized goody box comes with:
· A hip flash to get the revelries of the night started
· Funky band-aids to keep her covered in case of minor injuries (like shoe bite)
· Two bottles of Morning Fresh in flavors of your choice to take before she hits the bed so she wakes up superfresh
· A customized eye mask for her beauty sleep
· Chewing gum to keep her breath minty fresh
· Antacid for a happy belly
· Two SeriCha tea bags to detox, cleanse the system and burn excess fats in the body the next morning

Show Your Bridesmaids Some Love With these 5 Gifts Show Your Bridesmaids Some Love With these 5 Gifts

2. For The Girl With The Flyaway Hair
You love her wild hair because it goes with her personality but we all know there are days when those tresses need taming and so why not gift her a set of impeccable tools. Better still, these come with her name on them! OMG – Oh My Gift will help you be her savior with their elegant looking hairbrushes customized just the way you like. You can even get creative and have them embossed with her favorite catchphrase or an inside joke!

Show Your Bridesmaids Some Love With these 5 Gifts

3. For The One Who Has A Way With Words
Everyone loves stationery so why not gift your besties a set of personalized notebooks so they can jot down all their awesome ideas or just organize the next day with a list of all the things that need to be done. Papeljam  offers designs ranging from quirky to chic. Pick out the ones that match your bridesmaids’ personality the best, customize them the way you like and get gifting!

Show Your Bridesmaids Some Love With these 5 Gifts

4. For The Teatotaller
No matter what the season, tea is a rejuvenating tonic that comes brimful of health benefits. It’s also the perfect opportunity to pause in the middle of a hectic day and you’ll have many of these during the wedding. Tea Trunk offers the finest teas of India blended with 100% natural ingredients. Their range of teas includes Black, White, Green and Oolong teas. This one is not just a present, but also an expression of your fine taste!

Show Your Bridesmaids Some Love With these 5 Gifts

5. For The One Who Let No One Hamper Your Wedding Excitement
What’s better than one gift? A collection of gifts! In one big hamper! If you can’t make up your mind on a single present for your favorite girls, why not gift them a hamper curated by SugarBox. Their beautifully packaged Fashion Forward Edition comes with a bunch of amazing, eclectic goodies – an edgy choker embellished with the classic lip motif, a set of three mini travel-friendly lipsticks by Seduction Las Vegas in pop colors, a black cold shoulder dress with a sassy quote, a set of quirky pin badges and some delicious ‘pink pie’ strawberry cookies.

Show Your Bridesmaids Some Love With these 5 Gifts

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