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Trending Wedding Accessories for Bridesmaids this season

While you tick off your checklist of bridesmaid duties, here are 5 accessory trends to make you the belle of the ball!

Bridesmaids have a bunch of things to do. It begins even before the proposal! You have to help choose the ring, make sure the proposal goes off smoothly, keep all sorts of secrets. And once the wedding planning begins its all research, lists, checkboxes. Making sure your bestie gets her dream wedding makes you like her fairy godmother.

With so much on your tasklist, it’s easy to forget about yourself. So while you are the support system of the bride, we’ve got your back! Breeze through the top 5 accessory trends to rock a stylish look for the next wedding:

Bucket Bags
Weren’t we all fascinated by Hermione’s spacious bag? Well, it’s time to get one for yourself! Swinging their way back from the past, bucket bags are ruling the runway again. The potli bags won’t just fail to add the oomph to your outfit but also act as the pocket most of us die for! While they might not be extendable like Hermione’s, your potlis will definitely gear you up for the wedding; lipsticks, makeup, bride’s phone, name it and you have it, all the bride has to do is ask for it!

Bridesmaids Accessory

Jewelled Hair Combs and Barrettes
Keeping in mind that you may not have enough time for a glamourous hairstyle, here’s the secret to glam up a simple bun or curls; jewelled combs and barrettes! These delicate hair accessories won’t just keep your hair intact while you run around the entire venue, but certainly are a fashion faithful too!

Bridesmaids Accessory

Geometric Cuffs
While traditional bangles have their own charm, the new generation is all about geometric cuffs. From the fancy indian lehengas to contemporary elegant gowns, these delicate and light pieces from Nile Jewels can flawlessly complement any outfit and make a unique style statement!

Bridesmaids Accessory

Layered Necklaces
Layered necklaces are currently one of our top favourites and goes well with deep neck blouses. Be it kundan, pearls, gold or diamonds these neck pieces definitely glam up an outfit instantly.

Bridesmaids Accessory

Waist Belts
It’s time to unleash the alpha female with trendy waist belts that add a twist to the traditional lehenga. You can choose a diamond or gold chain to go with most outfits or a belt of the same color. Pick a leather one to look offbeat but trendy. For all those who dread handling dupattas, you can use these belts to keep them in place too!

Bridesmaids Accessory

Keep these 5 little tips in mind while you’re taking care of your number one priority, the bride! Not only will they add some easy panache to your appearance, you’ll be happy to not look frazzled, no matter how hard you’ve been slaving away for bridezilla (yes, we know, you still love her).

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