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Priyanka Kaler, The Club Mumbai

Witness Priyanka’s fresh, fabulous bridal transformation with WeddingSutra Favorites.

WeddingSutra, in collaboration with Azva and Lakmé Absolute, brings you WeddingSutra on Location – a curated showcase of top bridal trends and style statements from some of the WeddingSutra Favorites.

WeddingSutra’s most popular bridal initiative was held at The Club, Mumbai. In the second of this three-part series, Priyanka Kaler is given her dream bridal look as she prepares for her forthcoming big day.

Priyanka Kaler, The Club Mumbai

Every bride deserves an ensemble that enhances her inner radiance. A beautiful bride is never an accident – there is hard work, vision and commitment that goes into making a dream come true. Priyanka has a dream about how she will look on her wedding day and with a little help from WeddingSutra Favorites, that dream had life breathed into it.

It begins with a look into the treasury of Azva – filled with handcrafted bespoke jewellery created by skilled artisans. An intricate necklace inspired her choice of a beautiful outfit by Tarun Tahiliani. Makeup artist Marisa Sethi of Drama Queen by Marisa worked her magic on Priyanka, creating glamor and mystery with products from the Lakmé Absolute that resonated with her choice of attire perfectly, and bridal hairstylist Poonam Solanki gave her a playful curled pony tail which enhanced her jawline. As Priyanka went about her day, Fotografia9 captured every stage of the makeover for the bride to cherish and revisit her day of dreamy glamor.

The heavily embellished beige creation from the house of Tarun Tahiliani immediately lured Priyanka in. Its beautiful detailing displayed both its uniqueness and its versatility.

Priyanka Kaler, The Club Mumbai

Priyanka had already picked a gold set from Azva to which she added gold bracelets and bespoke rings. The craftsmanship impressed her, “The detailing on the jewellery I wore was beautiful! It went so beautifully with the detailing of what I was wearing that it looked like it was the highlight of the ensemble.”

With make up by Marisa Sethi, Priyanka was a vision of beauty. Smiling, she said, “Marisa has excellent make up skills. She gave me a look that suited my skin tone and the hues of what I was wearing. And that eye make up was so perfectly balanced, not loud at all.”

Priyanka Kaler, The Club Mumbai Priyanka Kaler, The Club Mumbai Priyanka Kaler, The Club Mumbai

More camera-ready than she’s ever been, Priyanka said, “Team Fotografia9 captured the most flattering moments and knew just what would work for which girl. Through their photographs, they brought out each bride’s personality brilliantly making every individual’s portrait unique.”

Still glowing from her day of beauty and now in real anticipation of her wedding, Priyanka said goodbye fondly, “I was a fan of WeddingSutra from the first day I found out about it. I started following WeddingSutra on Instagram only for its wedding inspiration and the content for readers. Today was such a lovely day, and WeddingSutra pampered me like it was my wedding! The best setting, a top makeup artist, a leading wedding photographer, high-end designer wear, exquisite jewellery and so much care – it was all perfect!”

Priyanka Kaler, The Club Mumbai

Priyanka’s Look
Marisa began with the Lakmé Absolute Skin Natural Mousse – Hydrating to Bhumika’s skin to help Priyanka flaunt a healthy glow. Using the Lakmé Absolute White Intense Wet and Dry Compact she set the foundation in, giving her a clean base to work on. Next, it was time to add some intensity to Priyanka’s eyes. Marisa achieved that with the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette – Nude Beach and lined her eyes using Lakmé Absolute Gel Addict. For the final touch, Marisa used Lakme Absolute Sculpt Matte Lipstick – Mauve Fix and our bride-to-be was ready for the camera!

Priyanka Kaler, The Club Mumbai

Location – The Club Mumbai
Makeup Artist – Marisa Sethi of Drama Queen by Marisa for Lakmé Absolute
Hairstylist – Poonam Solanki and Pinayaki Solanki
Jewellery – Azva
Outfits – Tarun Tahiliani available at Ensemble
Photographer – Fotografia9

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