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Madhu Sapre and Gian Maria Emendotori

It was the perfect evening for one of the nicest people in the profession. Even the unseasonal rain did not dampen the spirits of the guests at this special and much awaited occasion. On Sunday, November 18th, the Le Meridien Hotel at Mumbai was aglow with smiles and cheer as a host of beautiful faces assembled to attend the wedding of Supermodel Madhu Sapre with boyfriend of some time Gian Maria Emendotori.

Madhu & Gian

How they Met 

Madhu met Gian Maria, an Italian guy in the Ice Cream business, at a friend’s place. They hit it off instantly. She found him different from the men she had met before and had been dating him for the last two years. He proposed to her on her birthday this year. After giving it some thought, Madhu decided to marry him. 

Madhu & GianAbout the Wedding

A radiant Madhu, looking gorgeous in a auburgine Suneet Varma sari greeted her guests at the venue and introduced each one of them to her new husband. The only decoration one could see around the place were beautiful white orchids tied to every chair. There was soft music playing in the background while people chatted and laughed as they drank wine or other preferred drinks.

The Guests 

Madhu being a model has obviously worked with a lot of big names and most of them were there to wish her happiness. Prahlad Kakkar and his wife Mitali, Suneet Varma, Arjun and Mehr Rampal, Sangeeta Chopra, Arjun and Shefali Khanna, Cory Walia and a whole bunch of her modelling friends. These included Anu Ahuja, Suchitra Pillai, Fleur Xavier, Farheen Khan, Jaese Randhawa, Lascelles and Pallavi Symons, Malaika Arora Khan and Tarun Raghavan among others. There were a whole bunch of foreigners, presumably from the groom’s family.

The Food

The food too was excellent as the menu ranged from Indian to Thai to Italian (but of course) and Tandoori. The chefs were making pastas to your tastes at the table and the Thai food for once was as spicy as it is meant to be. The Indian food too drew many takers as each item on the menu was delicious and well cooked.

Madhu, Gian & Madhu's familyFor Madhu who has always remained herself despite all the fame and success, it was the perfect culmination to a two-year-long relationship. She glowed with happiness and her radiant smile, which has never smacked of the fake page-three celeb variety was a permanent fixture on her face. 
Well, here is one supermodel who has not let her fame or success go to her head and remains the same endearing Madhu. Here’s wishing her every happiness

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