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Pallavi Sharma

Model and Makeup Artist

Married to: Lascelles Symon

On: 11/01/2000

Lucky bride Pallavi had both her wedding gown and saree blouse stiched by none other than her model- turned-designer husband Lascelles Symon. “It was all left to Lascelles”, beams Pallavi. For the Church Wedding in Mumbai, Pallavi wore a simple, neat white gown encrusted with crystals. It had a white corset, satin petticoat, a tule skirt and a veil with roses on the top.”My friend Tanuja gave me a simple make-up and the only jewellery I wore were diamond earrings which my dad gifted on my 21st birthday”, says Pallavi. For the temple wedding in her home town, Pallavi wore a maroon saree bought by her parents from Kanchipuram.

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