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Tori Amos


Married to: Mark Hawley

On: 2/22/1998

When songbird Tori Amos, 35, wed sound engineer Mark Hawley, 35, she wanted a fairytale wedding – and that’s what she got in the 13th-century Norman Church on a hill in West Wycombe, England. Creating a surreal medieval-style fantasy, candles burned in church windows and pipers played Irish folk songs during the Church of England service. The bride was resplendent in an ice-blue gown with a low-cut square neck embroidered bodice ans satin floor-length skirt. The singer wore a floor-length silver cape over her ice-blue gown to march to the church. “I believe in the elementals,” said Tori. “I figured if I had the wedding where there were trees and water, then maybe fairies would show up.”

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