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Victoria Adams

Singer and designer

Married to: David Beckham

On: 07/04/1999

Although many people expected Victoria to opt for a British designer, she chose Vera Wang. The overall look of Victoria’s wedding dress was one of understated elegance with a modern twist. “It was a fairy princess dress, the shape of the gown drew attention to her small waist,’ explains Laura O’Brien, director of public relations and advertising for Vera Wang. ‘Vera only makes six to ten couture wedding dresses a year, and has six to eight people working on each one. Victoria’s own dress took two preliminary consultations, six fittings in New York and London, and 15 months to make.’ For her wedding shoes, Victoria wore cream, high-heeled satin sandals with a ten-centimetre heel. On her head, Victoria wore a beautiful diamond and gold coronet by Slim Barrett, a jeweller who made pieces for the late Princess of Wales, while around her neck was a spectacular diamond crucifix that David bought her for Christmas last year. ‘I’ve never actually worn – I’ve been saving it for the wedding,’ said Victoria, who chose the cross as the ‘something old’ the bride usually wears. As well as something old, it is also traditional for a bride to wear things new, borrowed, and blue. Pinned inside Victoria’s dress was a brooch that her mother and grandmother before her had worn inside their own bridal gowns – this was the traditional ‘something borrowed’. The ‘something new’ was a series of little antique blue taffeta bows sewn inside her dress. She decided against a traditional bridal bouquet and opted instead for a natural selection of green berries, twigs, blackberries, and brambles. For their wedding jewellery, David and Victoria wore rings designed and made by Asprey and Garrard’s jewellery craftsmen in their workshops in Bond Street, London. Victoria’s ring features a stunning Marquise-cut diamond, supported on each side by three grain-set baguette diamonds and set in 18-carat yellow gold. Each side of the shank of the ring is set in six diamonds, with the total diamond weight adding up to 5.82 carats. David’s ring is a full eternity ring, set with 24 baguette diamonds, with 24 smaller diamonds set on one side of the shank, in 18-carat yellow gold, adding up to a total diamond weight of 7.44 carats.

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