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Miss Malini and Nowshad Rizwanullah

Miss Malini and Nowshad Rizwanullah honeymoon in New Zealand.



Malini Agarwal (popularly known as MissMalini) married Nowshad Rizwanullah at a fun, chilled-out celebration in Goa. The fun, dynamic couple who run the hugely popular blog MissMalini.com went to New Zealand for their honeymoon. They share their experiences.

It’s that part of the world we’ve always wanted to visit but could never get to. New Zealand is not an easy place to reach from India, and a honeymoon gives you the perfect excuse to pull out all the stops and make it happen.

Recommendations for other Honeymooners:

Must-visit places: Port Blair Harbor, Ile Aux Cerfs Island, Seven-colored earth and Casela Nature & Leisure Park.

1.If you have the time, definitely try to self-drive for part of your trip. Rent a car or camper and hit the road – and be prepared for some of the most breathtaking sights you’ll ever see in your life.

2.Queenstown and the surrounding areas are especially worthwhile, but from what we could tell, you can’t go wrong in most parts of the country. Queenstown is also famous for the incredible variety of adventure sports on offer, if you’re looking for a different kind of thrill.

3.Traveling through wine country is another great way to enjoy the country’s natural bounty, with great wines and inventive local cuisine to boot. Lastly, Kiwis are very proud of their natural heritage, which means it’s an amazing place to enjoy the great outdoors, whether deep into the mountains or simply at one of their many protected national forests, just a short drive outside cities like Wellington. Perhaps the best advice we can give you is take your time! There is so much to see and experience in New Zealand that you’ll be kicking yourself for rushing it. 

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