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Sujata and Jaideep

Jaideep Sippy and Sujata Asoomull's honeymoon in Koh Kood.

Where: Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood island

When Jaideep Sippy and Sujata Asoomull were figuring out their honeymoon plans, they were clear they wanted to stay in an environmentally friendly resort only, but they were unsure which one could give them a magical experience. …When it comes to hospitality, service and food standards Im most discerning, says Jaideep who has worked in the hospitality & luxury industry for almost 15 years. Now back from their honeymoon, they are elated with the out-of-the-world holiday they had at Soneva Kiri resort in Koh Kood island; the island is in the east of Thailand, known for its pure waterfalls, crystal clear waters and traditional village life.

Says Jaideep: …After the hectic wedding festivities, we wanted to relax and unwind in a quiet place. Initially, we had booked a resort in the world’s first demarcated wine region- the Douro valley in Portugal but the 3-flights long journey dissuaded us. Soneva Kiri is remote but accessible and the journey was fun. We landed at Bangkok, from where we flew in on a private jet to Koh Kood; a 2 km speed boat journey takes us to the beach-front hillside resort.

Explains Jaideep: …The resort offers the most amazing local and cultural experience; and their service standards are unbelievably good. They indulged in a host of activities and had some unique experiences there: watching films at an open air cinema, learning diving and fun with chocolates and ice-creams at the chocolate and ice cream room. Adds Jaideep: …The food is basic but very good; all fresh catches or freshest ingredients from the local farms. At the Benz restaurant near the resort we had the best authentic, traditional Thai food made with the spiciest, tastiest spices. Chef Ben is a Thai lady who originally worked at Soneva in the Maldives‚ when Soneva Kiri in Koh Kood was being setup they invited her to create her own traditional Thai restaurant. Our experience at the open-air cinema – Cinema Paradiso was unforgettable too! Its in the middle of a huge pond and we watched To Kill a Mocking Bird on a star-lit night.

While the resort offered a host of experiences, for the newly-weds, the most beautiful moments were when they experienced the beauty of untouched Thailand and Koh Kood, as they walked around hand-in-hand, barefoot on the white sandy beaches.


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