She's the youngest winner of the DeBeers Diamonds International Award. a jewellery designer in her own right, she's the daughter of Poonam Soni, a well-established name in the jewellery business, Currently, she is working with her mother running Jewel Inn, at Altamount Road.
Kriti's Engagement Ring
So what would your wedding ring be like if you happen to be an accomplished jewellery designer and your mother is a star jewellery designer too? Kriti Sonis engagement ring was designed by mum Poonam Soni. And trust Poonam Soni to design a one-of-a-kind regal piece for dear daughter. "It was a very challenging task", quips Poonam Soni, "for I was not just designing for my daughter, but a daughter who is a jewellery designer too."  The classic ring has a big round centre diamond and biagette diamonds on the side, giving the edges a lacy look.

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