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Vidisha Pawate

Vidisha unique 1.3 carat solitaire ring from the De Beers Millenium collection.

From being just another Bangalore lovely, to gracing the pages of the Australian Vogue, Vidisha Pavate is as international as they come. Vidisha went on to win the Ford Supermodel Contest in 1996 and was the first Ford supermodel from India and rubbed shoulders with other Ford models like Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Christy Turlington. Vidisha worked in Paris for a year with almost all the big names in the fashion world. Now she’s a regular on the ramps for all the leading fashion designers.
She’s married to Australian photographer Darren Centofanti.
Vidisha’s Engagement Ring
Vidisha wears a 1.3 carat solitaire. A unique design from the De Beers Millenium collection, the ring was chosen by husband Darren.
The proposal was very unexpected. Darren was going to Bangalore and she insisted he came along to meet her mother. When in Bangalore, they decided to go on an afternoon picnic by the lake. In the morning he went out to buy the ring by which time he had already asked Vidisha’s mother for her formal permission to marry her daughter.
During the picnic, Darren kept quiet most of the time. When Vidisha asked him as to what was troubling him, he immediately popped the ring. Quips Vidisha: “It was such an emotional moment. I didn’t even answer his question and immediately hugged him after which I said the much awaited Yes!”

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