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Devika Bhise and Nicholas Gilson

The couple cut their grand wedding cake with a 300 year old ceremonial sword.

With a story no less than a rom-com, the royal wedding of The Accidental Husband star Devika Bhise and her beau Nicholas Gilson at The Leela Palace Udaipur was a fitting blend of their different cultures. In a memorable celebration of their love, they cut a show-stopping 3-tier cake for their white wedding amidst dazzling fireworks.

Devika Bhise wedding cake

The towering white cake made by the hotel, incorporated stripes, Indian lotuses, hearts and other designs in rich hues of red and gold, significant of Devika’s Indian heritage, and was decked with gorgeous blooms. The cake topper, designed by the bride’s mother, was a delightful take on their relationship, hilariously depicting the bride carrying her husband on her shoulder!

Devika Bhise wedding cake
Devika Bhise wedding cake
Devika Bhise wedding cake

What stole the show however was when the couple cut the cake with a grandiose 300 year old ceremonial sword that belonged to the erstwhile king of the Palace!

Now that’s something you don’t see every day!

Devika Bhise wedding cake

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