On their wedding day, Laina and Chris decided to share the spotlight with their dessert table. The counter featured not one but three delicious cakes in unusual flavors.

The first one was a two tier naked caked that had a rustic-chic vibe to its appearance. Sprinkled with white buttercream and topped with strawberries, the upper tier was almond flavored while the one at the bottom was coconut flavor.

The second one was a crêpe cake. While the multiple layers of crêpes were alternated with smooth pastry cream, the top was drizzled with honey and adorned with fresh fruits and flowers. The earthy color of this cake was contrasted by the brighter shades of its toppings and looked gorgeous.

The Pecan Pie Cake was the third and the more complex one of the three offerings. The making of this confection required several processes to bring to it an authentic ‘Pecan Pie’ flavor. Dressed in crumbled nuts and topped with white butter cream and pecans, this cake looked like an absolute nutty delight.

Laina Rose Thyfault and Chris Klein Laina Rose Thyfault and Chris Klein Laina Rose Thyfault and Chris Klein

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