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10 unique proposal ideas that’ll guarantee a ‘yes!’

Whether intensely private or flash-mob level public, make your proposal romantic, meaningful and absolutely unforgettable.

You’re in love. You want this to last forever. You’ve got the ring and butterflies in your tummy! It’s time to pop the question. But how are you going to do it? WeddingSutra brings you a few wonderful proposal ideas including some from real life. You can replicate them or be inspired to create your own unique proposal story to sweep her off her feet!

1. On Cloud 9
Marriages are made in heaven so why not start high up in the clouds? Confess your love on a hot air balloon like Vidush did when he proposed to Sonam on Valentine’s Day floating above exotic Turkey. With the wind in your hair, earth far below, you’re guaranteed beautiful pictures and an out-of-this-world moment. Get more details here.

proposal ideas

2. A Bollywood Romance
Create a golden moment inspired by the silver screen when you make her Bollywood dreams come true with a filmi proposal. You may want backup dancers and a set. Or maybe you’d like to take a leaf out of Akbar Rasheed’s playbook when he proposed to Anam Mirza at the Taj Falaknuma Palace with violins playing in the background. Her ‘yes’ will be music to your ears… Get more details here.

proposal ideasPhoto Courtesy – Abhishek Sarkar

3. Paint the Perfect Picture
Your relationship is picture perfect and maybe that’s the way you would want to paint your love. You don’t have to be an artist either. Ask Sameer who had a professional paint Nisha a special message to surprise her with a proposal. The best part is that those canvasses will be a keepsake forever.

proposal ideasPhoto Courtesy – The Heart Bandits

4. Getting ‘in’ With the Family
You’re a family guy? Well, then get the whole khandaan involved! Make a big, gorgeous gesture by confessing your love for her in front of all her family (and maybe yours) making sure everyone knows that she’s the one and this is absolutely for all time. Read more such love bound proposals here.

proposal ideas

5. Love like Sweet Wine
So you hope your love will mature and get deeper like wine, over time. Take your cue from Sahil who asked HappyFrames Photography to capture the magic as he proposed to his ladylove Kanika in a vineyard. We’re ready to clink our glasses and say cheers to that!

proposal ideasPhoto Courtesy – Happyframes

6. Saying it amidst a monumental sight
Dramatic, eye-catching and momentous – what better way to profess your love that in front of a monumental site like the London Eye. Whether the sun is glinting off the capsules, or the breeze is chilly as it blows off the Thames, this is a brilliant location to start your eternal circle of life.

proposal ideasPhoto Courtesy – Cupcake Productions

7. Taking the Plunge
Take a walk down to a secluded cliff top with a view that spreads out below. Whether you carry a picnic or just a headful of memories, get her off her guard and then hold her hand and slip a ring on her finger. Great idea? Well that’s how Smit proposed to his girlfriend Saloni on a beautiful cliff in Santorini! A truly edgy proposal.

proposal ideasPhoto Courtesy – Aegean Films

8. A fairytale-like Happily Ever After
Make her Cinderella story come true. Get a great wedding planner to coordinate with and create a storybook proposal like a true Prince Charming to make sure she is thoroughly mesmerized by your gesture.

proposal ideasPhoto Courtesy – Dhaval Gandhi (Studio Viscom)

9. Make it Roman-Tech
You’ve used technology to keep you together even when apart, emojis when words were not enough and whispered sweet nothings via your smartphones. So put together a curated slideshow of all your most important memories, set it to the songs that have defined your relationship, get a bottle of champagne and ask her to marry you under the stars in cyberspace.

proposal ideasPhoto Courtesy – Parag Gopale

10. Sail into the Sunset
An absolute classic. Whisk her away on a private yacht. As you take in the sweep of the open seas, watch the sun gently dip on a multi-hued horizon, hold her hand and ask her to run away with you into the future… We think she’ll say yes.

proposal ideasPhoto Courtesy – Reels and Frames

For many such unique proposal ideas, log in to our Facebook Album for real life, inspirational proposal Or if you’d like to capture your engagement moment for keeps, find a talented photographer from our list of WeddingSutra favorites

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