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15+ accessory trends for the stylish groom

Grooms, step up your game with these gorgeous wedding accessories ideas!

If you thought a groom was only defined by his sherwani or tuxedo when it came to wedding style, think again! Our curated list of over 15 style trends for men includes jewelry, floral elements, military badges, trendy turbans, and dashing draped stoles. Check them all out here.

1. Minimalistic Elegance
Pair a solid monochrome sherwani or clean cut suit with a simple brooch or a pocket square to add a pop of color to your look.

Minimalistic Elegance
Minimalistic Elegance

Photos Source: Manyavar

2. Coordinated Charm
Who says wedding jewelry is just for brides? Adorn your look with a necklace and turban ornament (such as a kalgi or sarpech), featuring polki, pearls or gemstones that complement your outfit colors.

Coordinated CharmPhoto Courtesy: Deo Studios

3. Cascading Necklaces
Bold neckpieces with multiple layers of precious and semi-precious stones or pearls add a subtle yet definite aristocratic vibe to your outfit.

Cascading Necklaces Photo Courtesy: Lakhan Ahuja for Dilliwale Weddings

4. Chain Charmers
Pretty chains are a great option for grooms who like to keep their look minimalistic. Flaunt a double brooch with single or multiple chains over your Indian or Western formals for an elegant edge.

Chain CharmersPhoto Courtesy: Lin & Jirsa Photography

5. Embroidered Elegance
Don’t forget to amp up your footwear! While several designers carry a wide range of ornate Indian men’s footwear options, some designers also customize them to match the fabric and embroidery of your outfit.

Embroidered ElegancePhoto Courtesy: Infinite Memories

6. Pearl Power
Nothing beats the delicate charm of pearls. Wear them in any form, from brooches and necklaces, and even turban ornaments to add a layer of soft sophistication to your masculine look.

Bejewelled BeautiesPhoto Courtesy: Lin & Jirsa Photography

7. Waistbelt Wonders
A kingly addition to your attire, a waistbelt or ‘kamarbandh’ ties together your look, especially for the grooms carrying a sword as part of their custom. It can also be a stately addition to other outfits like anarkali kurtas.

Minimalistic Elegance
Minimalistic Elegance

Photos Courtesy: Plush Affairs (left), ShutterDown (right)

8. Beaded Layers
Take a cue from history! Channel your inner Maharaja by wearing several layers of intricate necklaces.

Beaded LayersPhoto Courtesy: Reels and Frames

9. OTT Awesomeness
Steal the show with an OTT (over the top) trend with maximalist accessories. From elaborate necklace assemblage to multi-colored gemstone rings, you can go all out!

OTT Awesomeness
OTT Awesomeness

10. Turban Trends
Wearing a turban adds a majestic aura to any traditional groom’s look. A striking turban ornament, especially one with single or multiple plumes, completes the regal look.

Minimalistic Elegance
Minimalistic Elegance

Photos Courtesy: Weddinggrams (left), Kumari Images (right)

11. Perfect Match
Picking bling that matches the look and colors that your bride is wearing makes for a compelling visual. Nothing says love better than perfectly coordinated jewellery!

Minimalistic Elegance
Minimalistic Elegance

Photos Courtesy: ShutterDown (left), Colorblind Production (right)

12. Stylish Strings
Neckpieces for grooms such as the five-string ‘Panchlada’ or the seven-string ‘Saptlada’, necklaces can enhance the look of any ensemble and give it a royal touch.

Minimalistic Elegance
Minimalistic Elegance

Photos Courtesy: Infinite Memories (left), ShutterDown (right)

13. Gorgeous Gems
Stand out with a uniquely crafted necklace or accessory, like this multi-layered one with green gemstones.

Minimalistic Elegance
Minimalistic Elegance

Photos Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik (left), Reels and Frames (right)

14. Military Marvel
If you want something more masculine than gemstones and gold, you can opt for a military-style medal brooch which adds a manly vibe to you look.

Military Marvel
Military Marvel

Photos Courtesy: Magic Motion Media (left), Dotdusk Studios (right)

15. Unusual Winners
Swap typical turban ornaments with striking pieces, such as those in unusual shapes, featuring interesting embellishments such as tassels, and more.

Unusual WinnersPhoto Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

16. Cool Collars
Collars usually get ignored when it comes to adorning wedding ensembles. However, a sharp tuxedo with a white shirt can be blinged up with, flair eye-catching collar pins, wooden bow-ties and related accessories.

Cool CollarsPhoto Courtesy: Anchor & Grace Photography

17. Draped Delight
A stole or shawl is a great and easy way to add color to a monochrome sherwani, look more regal and appear like royalty. Many designers offer printed shawls and stoles with their creations, which can be draped in many different ways.

Minimalistic Elegance
Minimalistic Elegance

Photos Courtesy: kshitiz Sharma Photography (left), Framed (right)

18. Pocket Squares
The perfect minimalistic styling accessory, a silk pocket square spruces up both Indian and western outfits with a pop of color or interesting detail.

Minimalistic Elegance
Minimalistic Elegance

Photos Courtesy: Romesh Dhamija Productions – Photo & Films (left), Gautam Khullar Photography (right)

19. Beautiful Boutonnières
Men can do florals when wearing formal outfits with charming boutonnieres which look great when paired with a classic bow-tie.

Bow-ties and BoutonnièresPhoto Courtesy: Beziiqué and Marc de Groot, Ibiza

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