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22 Most Unique Groom Entries that will give you Baraat #Goals!

Bringing you 20 unique pictures that successfully captured the excitement and dramatic Bollywood style theatrics of the baraat.

The typical Indian baraat is one of the high points of the wedding. There’s dancing, camaraderie and one excited groom on his way to marry the love of his life! Grooms, you need an awesome arrival!

Sure, tradition says you should come in on a horse, but we’re suggesting a little more swag. Spice up your grand entrance with some unique ideas!

This is a compilation of our favorite baraat photos that will inspire you on your own special day.

1. Alladin’s own baraat
This groom’s Alladin-inspired magic carpet entry is all shades of cool!

Video Courtesy- HD Moments

2. Festive procession
Nothing like a rockstar entry riding an open jeep flanked by your family and friends dancing you in!

Groom Entries

3. A Royal Entry
A royal chariot – this photograph of the groom making his way in a vintage car makes for some seriously knockout pictures.

Groom EntriesPhoto Courtesy: Shades Photography

4. Coming to the Shore
If you’re getting married by a lake or having a beach wedding, a groom at the prow of a gorgeous boat, coming in to his wedding will make waves.

Groom EntriesPhoto Courtesy: Tejveer Singh

5. Flash mob for the win
It’s actually super simple to do – get your squad to learn a few basic moves, get the dhol players in on the game and walk in with friends and family, busting some moves, getting your groove on.

Groom EntriesPhoto Courtesy: Editmaster India

6. The Auto-matic Arrival
It’s quirky, it tells the story of the city you’re in and you can make it as funky as you like. This groom took the ride of his life in a decorated autorickshaw as he rolled in, in style, to his wedding.

Groom EntriesPhoto Courtesy: Camera Crew

7. Entry with the boy squad
For the fun and perhaps the finest freaks too, there is nothing like your very own boy squad helping you make the grand entry.

Groom EntriesPhoto Courtesy: WhatKnot

8. Man of the match
This one is for the sports guys! You’re the star of the occasion and just like you were carried around on the sports field after shooting the winning goal, let your team carry you in to the biggest match of your life.

Groom EntriesPhoto Courtesy: Dotdusk

9. The Boy Band
Boys only! Get matching headgear, learn a few dramatic moves and then walk in, like the army you are and display the brotherhood with pride!

Groom EntriesPhoto Courtesy: PhotoTantra

10. Batman’s Baraat
Check out this groom’s incredible entry on a batmobile in Thailand! Now that’s a moment no guest would ever forget.


11. Ye Dosti!
The only people who are more excited about your wedding than you are your boys! The energy of this groom and his trie as they carry him in is palpable.

Groom EntriesPhoto Courtesy: Dotdusk

12. Power packed entry with the boys
A power packed entry with your pack of besties because they are just as ecstatic as you are to join you in this grand celebration.

Groom EntriesPhoto Courtesy: Wedding Bonanza

13. Crowd Surfing with the Brothers
Because crowd surfing is also a mode of transport and your brothers have literally got your back for your entry. (Hang on to your headgear though!)

Groom EntriesPhoto Courtesy: Ramit Batra

14. Cruise in with the fam
Get your nearest, dearest, most special folk to drive in with you in a gorgeous vintage car. You’ll look like royalty and it will feel like love.

Groom EntriesPhoto Courtesy: WeddingNama

15. Capture the moment!
If you want to stay traditional, then make sure that’s done in style and don’t forget to grab a quick selfie with your squad while you’re at it!

Groom EntriesPhoto Courtesy: PhotoTantra

16. Enter in a Jeep
Take the off-roader to the start of your new journey! This cool, manly ride has been decked up in florals and ribbons! Your bride will be impressed.

Groom EntriesPhoto Courtesy: Anuraag Raathi

17. Say it with flowers
A rain of petals and flowers will bring color and delight to every photograph of your baraat.

Groom EntriesPhoto Courtesy: Anuraag Raathi

18. Pose with the little ones
If you like to make a big entrance but not without the little ones, take inspiration from this groom who decided to strike a pose with the kids.

Groom EntriesPhoto Courtesy: Fotografia9

19. Bring the heavy machinery!
It’s quirky but very cool! Arrive like a hero, riding a tractor as your boys create a path for you like this handsome groom and his best men.

Groom EntriesPhoto Courtesy: Keisy and Rocky Photography

20. Entry with a Performance
Nothing says baraat more than dancing and if you are an enthusiast, give it all you have with color-coordinated outfits and a power packed performance that will surely impress the bride!

Groom EntriesPhoto Courtesy: Biyani Photography

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