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Close Shaves

A beard, a moustache or a clean shaven look, whatever is your look, read on for tips on how to look great.

While a bride can enlist the support of makeup and hairstyles, not to mention ornaments to see her through the big day, the only option for guys is to try out some variation of their facial hair. 

A beard, a moustache or a clean shaven look, whatever is your look, read on for tips on how to look great. 

You have to decide on whether to opt for a blade razor or electric razor. The blade razor cuts hair closer to the surface and leaves your stubble of more uniform length for that smoother, closer shave. While with an electric razor, the cut ends are more likely to be ragged and split.

Types of blade razors

Straight edge: Primarily used by barbers since serious injury can result from improper usage. 

Loose double edge razors: Traditionally used for home shaving. 

Single and twin blade injectable cartridge razors: These are also adjustable for lighter or closer shaves. 

Disposable razors: Convenient, easy to carry around and cheap. 

Life of a blade 
Most blades will provide around 10 shaves, depending upon the thickness of the beard. 

Types of electric razors: 

The foil head: This has a thin flexible screen over the cutting head which moves back and forth. 

The rotary head: This has spring mounted guards over the cutters. Both types have adjustable settings to regulate the closeness of the shave. So if you want to maintain that 2 day stubble look, you just could. Although we don’t recommend this as a look for the wedding reception. 

Preshave preparations

Soften the beard properly before shaving. Water is the most effective beard softener and once beard hair absorbs water it becomes softer and more easier to cut. Hot water speeds this task and makes shaving smoother. Shaving cream will keep your beard softened. After applying shaving cream wait for two or three minutes for the hair to get totally softened, this will make shaving easier, faster and less painful a procedure

Choose your kind of shaving cream 

Oily skin: Use a lather type shaving cream or an aerosol foam. These contain soap or surfactants so they remove oil better. Also use an after shave lotion . 

Dry skin: Brushless creams are good if your skin is dry or sensitive. They are similar to moisturisers made of oil in water emulsions and do not dry out the skin. Do not use an after shave lotion as it will dry the skin. Instead use a cream or moisturising lotion.

Choose your style – Your face shape

Round: Keeping your sideburns long or your hair slight longer than your ear might add some length to your face . 

Square: These shapes carry off a moustache the best. No beard for this head shape, and the hairstyle should be close to the head . 

Broad: Use a flick of hair or a side part to break the breadth of the face. 
Close shaves
What is your beard problem?

Heavy, Dark beard: 
Shaving frequently and using after shave powder will aid in lightening the bearded area. If your skin around the bearded area is pigmented, you may be suffering a reaction due to the use of a fragrance product which reacts in the sun to produce pigmentation. Do use a sunblock in the sun and avoid the use of fragrance products in that area. Using a gentle bleach will also hasten the fading of the pigmentation. Lastly, do consult a doctor about steroid based fading creams. 

Thick beard 
Do trim your beard weekly. Comb through and shampoo your beard as you would your hair on your scalp. Check daily for infestations, dandruff, lice or skin problems. 

Barber’s Itch 
This is a bacterial infection of the beard area. This occurs from using contaminated shaving instruments. Treat such an infection early with oral antibiotics, and always use clean shaving instruments and regular use of topical antibiotics. 

Ingrown beard hairs 
Don’t shave against the grain, don’t shave too closely (especially in the neck area) and use a sharp blade. Shave more often but not as closely. 

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