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Engagement Ring Trends

WeddingSutra.com give you the hot ring trends, from some of the top engagement ring designers.

Are diamonds still a girl’s best friend? Is platinum still the white-hot metal of the moment? WeddingSutra.com checked in with some of the top engagement ring designers to find out the hot ring trends for this year.

Can classic be a trend? Classic rings are always in; and something you can never go wrong with. You might want to get a diamond solitaire or a diamond accented at the sides with baguettes. As far as stone shapes are concerned, round and emerald-cut diamonds continue to be strong, but the latest classic cut on the scene is the oval. And platinum continues to be the metal of choice for a classic setting.

Antique rings are the newest fashion. The trendy yet nostalgic pieces, well match the vintage theme thats now hot in clothes and accessories. These rings can feature unique details like filigree settings, floral accents, or gemstone baguettes.

Platinum has become the new choice for many diamond engagement rings because its rich luster brings out the brilliance and fire of diamonds like no other metal. Platinum is naturally white and will maintain its shining luminosity forever, unlike other white metals, which, in time, may turn yellow or tarnish. It is also the strongest precious metal used in jewellery, and is almost twice as heavy as 14-karat gold.

Platinum Bands enhanced with hand-carved custom designs, filigree and inset stones are in fashion. Chunky platinum rings encrusted with diamonds continue to be popular among men, while women favor delicate vintage-inspired platinum creations.

Modern styles capitalize on clean, streamlined designs for cosmopolitan chic and daily wear use. For a most contemporary style, look for bezel-set styles and designs where the diamond is “tension-set” (seeming to float in space, held in the setting at its very edges) or set flush to the surface of the metal.

Rings with colored stones are very fashionable, since they offer a very personalized flair. Even colored diamonds are all the rage, with yellow, pink, blue and black varieties. If you want to stick with a white stone, you could accentuate it with lively gems like sapphires, rubies, emeralds or even your birthstone.

So youre not too fond of rounds, emeralds and pears? Take advantage of the recent innovations in the world of diamond cutting and opt for an entirely new shape. The popular new cuts include the Zales Diamond, which display more facets than traditional cuts to increase the stone’s fire; and alternative shapes like the princess-cut (modified square), which offer the bride-to-be more individuality than the more traditional round, marquise, emerald, pear, or oval shape.
Other new settings for engagement rings are tension (the stone is only held on its edges, suspended, and appears to float) and bezel (the stone is flush with the ring’s surface).

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