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Get Dressed for Engagement Party

The engagement is equally a big day for the bride and the groom. Here's how you should dress for this significant step towards the big day.

The engagement is a big day for you, the groom. A significant step towards the big day.You and your fiancÃÆ’©e-to-be are going to be the cynosure of all eyes. There won’t be as many invitees present as on your wedding day. But want to give the occasion the importance it deserves. So plan your attire for the day and look your charming best. You may want to speak to you fiancÃÆ’©e-to-be and find out what she’s going to wear so that you can co-ordinate your outfits. For instance, if she’s wearing traditional attire, you might want to create the complete traditional look by doing the same. You could wear a western suit, too. But it won’t look as interesting unless she’s wearing a fusion dress or a gown.


Western Wear 

If it’s western attire for you and it’s not too formal a ceremony, then you could wear formal shirt and trousers with maybe, an interesting tie thrown in for effect. For a more formal do, you could wear a suit and make it a black-tie affair. Make sure that you are in cool environs, you don’t want your sweat to drip all over the floor!



Ethnic Wear

Ethnic outfits look elegant and add an air of mystique. An open Sherwani adds just the right touch. Or even just a traditional silk kurta and churidar in ivory or cream with mojri for your feet. You could opt for Kurtas of varying lengths- knee length kurtas are very popular now if you wish to be unconventional, but calf length is safe if you are not the kurta wearing kinds. A Churidar should cut longer in length than required with the excess cuffing at the bottom. The straight and parallel Pyjamas stiched in a rich fabric also look very regal.


A classic Sherwani can be worn with jodhpur pants, pyjamas/ aligadhis or a churidar. Or even a straight parallel cut pair or trousers. The Bandhgala is now being considered as a fusion wear thanks to the popularity of the Guru Suit. Quite similar in style to the Sherwani, the difference being that the Bandhgala is of the normal jacket length with five buttons instead of seven and is worn with formal western trousers.

Now you are ready to look truly dashing for your fiancÃÆ’©e.

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