Aadil Shaikh got married to Sameen in the city of Nawabs, Lucknow (UP). He shares with us the experience of his traditionally-modern Muslim Nikah wedding, and how the city ended up making him feel like a Nawab!

a) How much were you involved in the wedding planning process?
In a nutshell, I was involved with everything from A to Z! We started off with a simple Things to do List, which eventually evolved into a full-fledged project that required each of our wedding occasions to be managed with ultra detailing.

Right from booking the tickets, to getting the venue, photographer and chefs booked, it was an experience of a lifetime! On our wedding day, we planned for the baraat to travel from Aurangabad (Maharashtra) to Lucknow (UP), hence this by itself created a huge logistical complication, and triggered us to plan almost 6 months ahead!

The most interesting aspect of the planning though was our involvement in each & every detail from the very start that eventually made our preparations much easier as we approached the D Day.

b) How did you relax leading up to the wedding?
My relaxation mantra was simple- Plan. Check. Involve. We ensured to plan and execute the key aspects of our wedding ahead of time, hence the lead up to the wedding was thankfully quite smooth. Apart from that, I will be outrightly honest; almost all the friends tried their best to stir up some wedding jitters, but they all failed! Masha Allah, it was a day we both were looking forward to, and for some amazingly pristine reason, I was completely geared up to get married and have Sameen by my side.

c) What was your biggest challenge or what made you nervous?
I wasnt nervous at all, and in fact I was actually looking forward to my wedding day.




The key challenges however, were mostly pertaining to the logistics as we were both based in different countries, and the Wedding/ Reception were taking place in different cities. Although, the role of technology sure had an important share in ensuring we had our 'dream wedding'.

d) Your advice for grooms to be
My Mantra and advice for all the grooms out there - …Girls are complicated, but only as much as you make them! Be caring, be loving, be THERE for her, and you will see the magical life that comes your way!

Photographs Courtesy- Romesh Dhamija www.romeshdhamija.com

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