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Grooms Perspective – Arvind Padmanabh Shenoy

Arvind Padmanabh Shenoy married Soujanya at a traditional ceremony held at the Tulasi Thota in Chickpete, Bangalore. Here he talks about the experience.

Arvind Padmanabh Shenoy married Soujanya at a traditional ceremony held at the Tulasi Thota in Chickpete, Bangalore. ‘Paddy’ as he popularly known among his friends, has an interest in diverse creative fields- he works with a Bangalore based digital company and pursues Wedding Photography over weekends. Paddy’s wedding date was decided quite suddenly; here he talks about the experience.

a) How much were you involved in the wedding planning process?
Since the wedding was planned less than two weeks prior to the wedding date I didn’t want my parents to do all the running around, I had to shop for everything in the last minute. Arranging the clothes, the photographer, the gifts and all other preparations had to be made in a short time. I did get some suggestions from my social circle on where to buy what, this helped me take decisions faster and get done with the shopping bit quickly.

b) How did you relax leading up to the wedding?
I think its very important for the groom to look his best during the wedding. I took a week’s leave from work prior to the wedding. My regular workouts in the morning made me feel much fitter and fresher. Two days prior to the wedding I went for an hour long body massage followed by a head massage, face massage, scrub and facial. It was a soothing experience. It is also essential to get enough sleep well before your wedding day. I slept like a ‘log’ one day before and was all set or the wedding. If you have to keep up that smile while you greet hundreds of guests on your ‘big’ day, sleep is an absolute must. My other recommendation for brides and grooms-to-be. Don’t forget to drink carrot juice for a week. This makes you glow, they say; did I glow on my wedding day, my pictures should answer that

c)What was your biggest challenge? 
My biggest challenge was to ensure that I personally met and made time for everyone who came for my wedding. The various ceremonies and other paraphernalia that accompany weddings made this a big challenge. I did have some of my good friends attend to guests to ensure that they felt comfortable. All in all, the wedding went really well and some of my really good friends, photographers shot the wedding for me. Being a wedding photographer myself, I so wanted to shoot my wedding, but you cannot have it your way always, can you !?

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