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Grooms Perspective – Tamagna Ghosh

Photographer & Design Enthusiast Tamagna Ghosh shares his experience.

“I’m looking forward to seeing my experiences published on WeddingSutra.com” wrote Tamagna in his follow-up email to us. After all, Tamagna had two things to look forward to. He had not only sent us an interesting note with his point of view, he had shared some of his photos too. He was a Groom with a difference- who for a moment stepped aside to be his own ‘wedding photographer'”.

Tamagna became Tam and sometimes Tammy at IIT Kharagpur where he graduated from, he pursued his MBA at MDI and worked with a prominent radio station in the marketing arena until he decided to quit the routine to pursue a career in photography and design. “My first love is and will always be art and photography” says Tammy who loves travelling with his camera and painting. “I even sleep on a bedsheet which has Superman printed on it”, he quips, and “no, I don’t own a red underwear.”. While Tamagna’s typical work week involves shooting/ conceptualizing designs for Bollywood posters, his newly wedded wife Sunita (Mona as she is fondly called) is a Quality Assurance Analyst at a Credit Rating Agency. She loves chatting with her close friends and enjoys Hindi films, and besides many other things, Tamagna loves her ‘100 watt’ smile. Theirs was an arranged cum love marriage. They met on a matrimonial site, and dated for over a year and then decided to tie the knot.

Tammy shares his perspective on Bengali weddings and traditions by capturing photos of his own wedding. He says: “Being a photographer I always wondered what it would feel like shooting ones own wedding. But is also a challenge for him to get the shots at the right moment, and to capture all the rituals that go around him. All the shots that you see in the series have been shot real time and are candid- nothing is staged. Imagine how Sunita felt at the Shubhodrishti (when the bride removes the betel leaves to show her face to the groom), when she saw a camera pointing at her. I was seeing her face at 50mm F/2.8 1/100s ISO 800”

The Gaye Holud Totto that included a whole bunch of gifts like Bengali sweets, sarees, makeup, cosmetics and accessories sent from the Groom’s side to the Bride.

The Benarasi Saree that was given from the groom’s side to the bride in the Totto

At the Gaye Holud ceremony, the women in the family smeared turmeric on the groom’s body on the morning of the wedding day.

Known as Gith Khola, two dresses are tied together as a knot on the wedding day to symbolize the togetherness forever

The Shubhodrishti- the bride removes the betel leaves to show her face to the groom

Couple at the wedding ceremony Photo Courtesy- RHB Photography

Called Bou boron, the elder women welcome the bride by smearing her eyes with ganga jal when she comes home

The groom wasn’t allowed to see the bride before the wedding. This makeup shot was taken later, while she was getting dressed for the Reception

Photographs Courtesy- Tamagna Ghosh

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