Weddings tend to have a fashion focus on the femmes and yes, girls just want to have fun but it’s time to let the boys in on the party. Especially when JadeBlue is offering its range created to ensure the main man’s men look as handsome as they possibly can.

Over the years, the brand has become one of the leading menswear labels in the country and is known for its smart and elegant attire tailored to perfection. If you’re gearing up for a big fat wedding where you want to leave everyone floored, scroll on. We’re taking a look at the trending styles for groomsmen and Jadeblue is here to ensure that getting dressed to impress comes with zero stress.

Prints With Posies
Floral prints are the underdog of men’s fashion. They’re either considered too femme or associated with resort wear. But, flowers have been blooming very well onmenswear fabrics and with spring on its way,  the trend is only going to catch on. If you’re looking for some flower power, you’ll find no dearth of designs at JadeBlue to make a choice from – whether you want subdued colors and small patterns or bolder motifs and stand out colors.

Jadeblue Outfits For The Dapper Friends Of The Groom

Solid Coloured Classic
If there is any kind of style that will never lose its context no matter what the current trends are, it is solid colors rendered in rich fabrics creating sharp silhouettes. Groomsmen who have a natural inclination towards all that’s classic will find these traits in a number of JadeBlue outfits, each one different from the last. Whether it is a bandhgala jacket you prefer or a sherwani with a multicolor stole that will play up the aesthetic just a notch, they have it all.

Jadeblue Outfits For The Dapper Friends Of The Groom

A Touch of Texture
Self-designed textiles with details woven into the fabric create interest without taking away from the construct of the garment. JadeBlue fashions them in ways that flatter both, the wearer and the material. The rich weaves they incorporate into their clothing delight more than just one sense. Studies suggest that texture is one of the first things that the human eye notices and with attire from this brand, getting people to clap their eyes upon you will only get easier.

Jadeblue Outfits For The Dapper Friends Of The Groom

Best Of East And West
If there is one thing that makes the bandi timeless, it is the layer of versatility it adds to any ensemble (quite literally!). This fashion favorite at JadeBlue isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, it has been making its foray into western clothing too! Besides kurtas, they look great with shirts and well-fitted trousers as well. So, groomsmen who are trying to create a capsule wardrobe, you know what your next addition should be.

Jadeblue Outfits For The Dapper Friends Of The Groom

Power Jacket
If you are looking to create an impact, a statement jacket from JadeBlue will do the trick. Pick the print that most represents your style and be sure to pair it with monotone trousers and a shirt to maintain harmony and not take away from the appeal of the blazer. This one is an absolute head-turner that is sure to win compliments for longer than the function lasts!

Jadeblue Outfits For The Dapper Friends Of The Groom

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