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The Gen-Y Groom: 5 ways men are getting involved in Wedding Planning

Meet the next generation grooms who have been actively planning their special day.

Whether intimate or lavish, traditional or multi-cultural, the great Indian wedding is treated as a mega event that is celebrated with happiness, generosity, togetherness and hospitality. In the old days, the women would be left to create the magnificent spectacle of the wedding with only cursory ‘okays’ from the men. But the current millennial trends of the customized wedding have attracted the attention of the evolving Indian groom. Not content to sit back and let his bride scurry around, the modern groom is interested and involved in his own wedding. Whether it is looking the perfect part. or contributing to ideas and execution, today’s Indian groom is hands-on at his wedding. We spoke to five young grooms who are part of this trend.

Arnav Thakkar designs the good times and his own wedding ring
“We’d been discussing our honeymoon for a long time and I realized we both love beaches. So we’re looking for an island where we can just be by the ocean. As for what comes before – I’m actively involved in organizing the wedding entertainment. I’m planning a cocktail event for my guests, planning on stocking the bar, sorting out the music and some Russian dance-performers and unlimited food and drinks. We have a mehndi and sangeet the next day so there are some special performances for our guests. And, I’ve designed my own wedding ring because I wanted one in a particular way.”

Groom	Getting Involved in Wedding PlanningPhoto Courtesy – Red Thread Studio

Mudit Loyalka plans the perfect honeymoon for his honey
“We decided on the destination together, obviously, but I’ve planned every single thing post that. Indian weddings take a toll on the bride and groom because there are just so many rituals. So I planned to start with a leisure destination like the Seychelles and then we travel to South Africa. The itinerary includes bungee jumping, sky diving, a safari, scuba diving and a romantic, scenic drive along the Gardner route that will give us ample time to spend with each other.”

Groom	Getting Involved in Wedding PlanningPhoto Courtesy – The Storyteller

Vipul Kadam picks the best venue and his outfit
“I took charge of choosing the perfect location for the wedding. I’d shortlisted locations based on two categories – accessibility for guests and parking space which always becomes a hassle if you have a large guest list. I also wanted a wedding in a five-star hotel with a great view and so I zeroed in on the Renaissance Hotel in Powai, by the lake which is perfect. And, I also took an interest in choosing my final wedding outfit and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that it’s actually quite a fun thing to do, contrary to my earlier belief.”

Groom	Getting Involved in Wedding Planningi>Photo Courtesy – Ross Harvey and Preach Art

Archit Lohia makes memories while making his wedding fun
“Think of it as a one-time experience for a groom. I took on the role of wedding entertainment planner knowing that working with a good event management team will make it the memory of a lifetime. I’ve taken charge of choosing the wedding app, planning fun pre-wedding events like a cricket tournament, the theme for the marriage and the entertainment that involves the sangeet. The team and I have also managed to include the official couple hashtags and logos for the functions.”

Groom	Getting Involved in Wedding PlanningPhoto Courtesy – The Lightsmiths

Jaideep Singh is focusing on the perfect photographer
“It is of utmost importance to pick the photographer who knows you well and is on par with your own expectations. My fiancée and I are very particular about how we want our final wedding pictures to look. We’re not bothered about the theme but we definitely want the pictures to capture and reflect the happiness of the occasion. Photographs go down in history and become part of your visual nostalgia. So I’ve taken it upon myself to find a good photographer who will successfully document the emotions through his pictures.”

Groom	Getting Involved in Wedding PlanningPhoto Courtesy – Ramit Batra

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