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Plan a Bachelorette in Thailand

A bachelorette party is such a fun excuse to get together the brides-to-be together with some of her closest girlfriends to spend quality time and take a break from relentless wedding planning. And what better place than Thailand. From a low-key spa weekend at a beach retreat to shopping and clubbing in the city – Thailand offers a host of options.

We have put together a list of things to do on your Thailand Bachelorette trip. Mix + match these ideas to create an itinerary that the bride-to-be would enjoy.

Full day Spa

One of the perfect ways​ to unwind after a crazy night out is to spend the entire day in a Spa. This would allow you to spend quality time with the bride and your closets friends. Spa treatments will also help the bride relax and ease her pre-wedding jitters and tensions. You can always pop open a bottle of bubbly to add to the celebrations and make it a day to remember for the bride. One of the main attractions in Thailand is quality spas, so it will be quite easy for you to find one!

Cocktail Lessons

These lessons are usually only for an hour or two so you can easily fi​t in with any other activity on your list. They usually teach you how to make your favourite cocktails using local ingredients as well as some bar basics. You get to stir, shake and have loads of fun. And the best part… you get to drink all the cocktails that you have made! That’s not all; some places even give you a certificate at the end!

Island Hopping

Island hopping is one of the best ways to explore Thailand which is known for its many small islands. Spend a relaxed afternoon under the with nothing but the sound of the waves. Snorkel and explore life beneath in this tropical paradise. You will always find time between activities​​ to play fun and silly bachelorette games!

Shop till you drop

Shopping is a given on any trip with your girls and ​w​hat’s more fun than spending a day shopping with the bride / your besties! From Bangkok’s swanky malls to the local Thai night markets, shopping in Thailand is an experience as well as a bargain. You will find anything and everything here, be it luxury labels, high street fashion or local souvenirs.

Culinary Tour

This is a perfect activity for a bachelorette trip especially if you and your girlfriends are a bunch of foodies. These tours usually include some sightseeing as well as learning about the local cuisine and ingredients and of course tasting the food. Along the way, you’ll also learn about the local history, culture, and tradition.

Ladyboy Show

​One of the must dos when visiting Thailand especially for a bachelorette. We are sure you and you’re your girlfriends have always been curious to know what its all about. These performers are the best at what they do and are sure to amaze you.

Go karting

A nice, fun and off beat activity for your girlfriends. ​​Let your hair down and indulge in a friendly go karting race​​​. ​If you’re not the adventurous kind, you can still enjoy sitting in the shade and cheering on your friends.

Club Hopping

Thailand​,​ known for its nightlife is one of the best places to go club hopping. With its variety of nightclubs you will find the perfect clubs to flutter from dusk to dawn. ​These rocking clubs will ensure the bride-to-be has the time of her life.

Boating/ Rent a Yacht

Another perfect way to spend quality time with your girls is to rent a yacht for the day and sail the beautiful seas of Thailand. Usually on board they have chefs who prepare delicious local dishes. You can open some wine and indulge in long conversations with your closets friends. Dive into the warm clear waters and explore the beautiful nature underwater. All in all this will be a day to remember for the bride to be.

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