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Natasha and Sagar, Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Cheerful yet poignant, this wedding film aptly encapsulates the vibrancy and spirit of Indian weddings in stunning frames.

A film that pulls at the heartstrings by showcasing a plethora of emotions, Natasha and Sagar’s wedding film shot by WeddingSutra Favorite – House On The Clouds puts one in a tranquil and positive mood from the first moment itself.

Opening with sweeping shots of birds flying across the pale blue sky and the pristine heritage architecture of the Taj Lake Palace, the viewer is instantly captivated. Accompanied by a romantic acoustic soundtrack, the couple is shown cozying up and enjoying the stunning views while their respective families welcome each other with open arms. From then on, one is taken on a journey fuelled with happy moments where the bride and groom enjoy the pre-wedding festivities to the fullest. From boisterous dancing sessions to the unfiltered joy that can be clearly seen on the faces of their loved ones, this montage of shots artfully and succinctly highlights the vibrancy of Indian weddings. Moments of humor are also injected in between as Natasha’s siblings recollect the first meeting between Sagar and their parents. Furthermore, the couple also shares funny anecdotes from the early years of their relationship and share a laugh as they tease each other reminiscing those times. Being ardent fans of Bollywood, they are also shown hard at practice as they strive to master their steps before the sangeet.

In the second half, however, things take an emotional turn as the big day draws closer. Tears are shed and hugs are shared as both Natasha and Sagar’s family realize the magnitude of the moment. Accompanied by a heart-rendering soundtrack, the viewer can’t help but relate to the feelings displayed in each frame. And, on the big day itself, a series of shots artfully captures a wealth of emotions right from the groom’s happy baraat, the solemn marriage rituals to Natasha’s teary bidaai. But striking a balance again, these moments are followed up by the playful post-wedding games where the bride’s girlfriends haggle over the cost of returning the groom’s shoes and the newlyweds are shown hastily hunting for the ring hidden in a bowl of milk.
In the end, the film winds up with majestic shots of the duo looking over the horizon and enjoying each other’s company as they get ready to embark on a journey that’ll last a lifetime.

Videography: House on the Clouds

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