About One&Only Palmilla


Within the lush green expanse of a working tea plantation, One&Only Nyungwe House offers an exclusive window to Africa’s fascinating wildlife and culture. Part of a working tea plantation, its roots are well-established, yet its offerings are distinctly modern with every comfort you could ever need or desire. Curating immersive tailored experiences, from gastronomic picnics to wild chimpanzee tracking and indigenous open-air spa treatments that are sure to amaze you at every turn. Indulge in holistic therapies or dine with all five senses in a treehouse, the resort is a delight for those who want to make their passions and interests come to life.


Romantic Experiences

From picturesque excursions to adrenaline-drenched activities, the resort offers some of the world's most exciting thrills for active newlyweds. Your trip of a lifetime should be spent doing exactly what you both love to do — if that's sipping cocktails by a pool, fantastic. But if you're the kind of couple who craves a little adrenaline alongside your champagne and rose petal-strewn bed, this resort is worth considering a destination that can offer enough activities to sate that desire.

Soak up incredible tailored moments with the romantic experiences and delight in active adventures with your partner.

  • Delight in active adventures specially curated for the newlyweds, such as mountain biking, kayaking, and trekking
  • Feel the thrill of wild up-close encounters, from rare primates and reptiles to butterflies and exotic birds
  • Enjoy heart-warming interactions with local people as you learn about unique ways of life and discover secrets of their crafts, cuisine and more
  • Unwind with al fresco yoga, before inspiring vistas or indulge in holistic therapies, such as Rwandan-inspired spa treatments
  • Soak up incredible tailored moments, designed especially for you and your partner, from private dining and private tours, to secluded wellness experiences and more

For your honeymoon enquiries, please email
info@oneandonlyresorts.com+ or call on +27 21 431 5888

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