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Artsy Lens

Location: Bangalore, Goa and Mysore

About Artsy Lens:

Based in Bangalore, the Artsy Lens are renowned for their prowess in wedding photography. Equipped with a team of highly skilled photographers who boast of a plethora of skillsets that range from pre and post-wedding photography, event photography, and cinematography, to name a few, this organization provides a one-stop solution for all your wedding photography needs. Spurred by the belief that photography is an art that requires constant dedication, the Artsy Lens leaves no stone unturned to ensure that their clients are captured in remarkable frames that’ll be cherished for life.

Contact details:

Mobile: +91 9611990301
Email: Artsylens62@gmail.com
Website: www.artsylens.co.in
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/yogeshartsylens
Instagram page: www.instagram.com/Artsy Lens
Youtube page: www.youtube.com/Artsy Lens