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Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul


Location: Mumbai

About Knotty Affair:

High flying, IT Professionals Namit and Vipul ventured into photography quite by fluke; it was perhaps their keen interest in visuals that nudged them to look at the world through a viewfinder. The duo started with candid fashion and children’s photography, which quickly earned them recognition and became reason enough for them to quit their IT jobs to start their own company.


Knotty Affair is thus, an ode to their love for photography. “A photographer is complete when others can see the picture through his eyes,” says Namit. With an impressive portfolio of capturing 300+ weddings and 150+ pre weddings shoots, it is their documentary-style photography skills that make them unique. “A wedding evokes happy, emotional and funny instances so we like capturing a combination of it all. We love the fact that our clients are able to relive those special moments with a nostalgic smile each time they look at their pictures,” shares Namit.


Namit and Vipul also work with a team of professionals to offer customised photography and videography services.


Contact details:

Mobile: +91 7709422655 / +91 8454046047
Email:  info@knottyaffair.in
Website: www.knottyaffair.in
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/knottyaffair.in
Instagarm page: https://www.instagram.com/knottyaffair.in/