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Navin Varma Photography


Location: Nagpur and Mumbai

About Navin Varma Photography:

Memories have the power to conquer and consume any individual. They can leave you misty-eyed one moment, only to get you rolling with laughter the other. With his captivating wedding portraits, Navin Varma brings back to life the most treasured memories in a couple’s life. The former photojournalist had a change of heart after he received a tremendous response for the photographs he had clicked for two of his friends’ weddings. He fell in love with the rich colors, beauty, emotions and the culture that every wedding presents.

For Navin and his team, wedding photography is not just a job; it is an art form that captures more than what meets the eye. It is about freezing meaningful frames that require careful thought and creative composition. Armed with a camera instead of a magic wand, he shoots pictures that never fail to recreate the emotions that the bride, the groom and their families felt during that momentous occasion.


Contact details:

Mobile: +91 97666 66996
Email: navinvarma.in@gmail.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/navinvarmaphotography
Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/navinvarmaphotography