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Knotting Bells


Location: Mumbai

About Knotting Bells:

A creative and experienced wedding photography and filmmaking company, Knotting Bells was started by Shrey Bhagat and Rajesh Satankar, offering professional wedding photography services. Shrey shares, “Roughly around 8 odd years ago after leaving my advertising background & Rajesh finishing his Masters we both captured our passion for photography & took the leap of faith and began to visualize everything in 16:9 ratio.”

They believe that the lens speaks more than words and a single photograph is enough to tell an entire story. “Art with glamour, this is how I would like to define our style. As photographers, we love traveling and as wedding photographers we get to travel to not just cities but various parts of countries around the globe. We cater and understand every community and every tradition and custom which follows in a wedding. We do not restrict ourselves to a single one but love to know more and explore every ritual & tradition”, shares Shrey.

They take pride in giving their clients colorful, honest and magical memories that will last forever. They provide a host of customized solutions to cover every single aspect of your nuptial celebrations. They provide all types of photography and cinematography services. Their prices & packages are customized based on the client’s requirement.


Contact details:

Mobile: 09833413677
Email: knottingbells@gmail.com
Website: www.knottingbells.com
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/knottingbell
Instagram page: www.instagram.com/knottingbells
Twitter page: www.twitter.com/knottingbells