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Location: Kolkata

About Framed:

What began four years ago as a passion project, has now transformed into one of the most reputed photography companies based out of Kolkata. Framed is a family of innately motivated individuals who strive to craft your most memorable moments into a beautiful story. Their photographs convey emotions in their purest form and make for everlasting mementos that inspire joy.

Ronak Gadhia, the founder of Framed talks about his foray into this industry. “I was a commerce student on the verge of completing my graduation and like most others around, I was contemplating signing up for tuitions that prepared students for MBA entrance exams. By the stroke of luck, I landed one photography assignment, which led me to another and so the cycle continued. Soon, my childhood passion had turned into my profession and with that Framed was born,” he says.

Having completed over 100 projects in the country and beyond, the team believes that life’s precious memories should be embedded in the fabric of time. Ronak shares, “Here, at Framed, we don’t believe in directing moments. Instead, we believe in narrating stories of love, laughter, emotions and fun, as organically as possible and to achieve this we work more like friends of the couple than on their big day as we go about chronicling their journey.”Their work comes with a promise of the highest quality of production and creativity and each frame testifies their passion for excellence.


Contact details:

Mobile: +91 8961424262
Email: info@framed.website
Website: www.framed.website
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/FramedbyRG
Instagram page: www.instagram.com/framedbyrg
Vimeo page: www.vimeo.com/framedbyrg