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Feather Tree by Aviraj

Location: Mumbai

About Feather Tree by Aviraj:

A team of talented and creative professionals, Feather Tree by Aviraj is skilled in capturing pictures that balance timelessness and modernity. Shooting weddings all over the world for almost a decade, they have honed their skills and learned what is it that makes truly great wedding visuals. Using their lens, they narrate tales of love, romance, and joy in the most artistic manner which is sure to inspire.

Aviraj Saluja, Founder of Feather Tree by Aviraj shares the secret behind their success. He says, “Steering away from short-term trends and focusing on making everlasting, elegant imagery has worked for us and earned us a lot of praise. My team and I put our heart and soul into making our couples’ photographs and cinematic films look real, vibrant and full of emotion.”

Their years in the industry have taken him through over 100 weddings in over half a dozen countries and their unobtrusive working style makes them a great team to have around even amidst the wedding frenzy.

Contact details:

Mobile: +91 9820921232
Email: avi@avirajsaluja.com
Website: www.feathertree.in
Instagram page: www.instagram.com/feathertreebyaviraj