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Red Veds

Location: Chandigarh and Delhi NCR

About Red Veds:

According to Mohit Bharadwaj, the founder of Red Veds, “You truly love your work only when you start finding happiness in the contentment of the people you serve”. Proving true to his words, Mohit along with his team of professionals at Red Veds always strives to put smiles on the faces of the people they shoot, quite literally!

Known for their excellence at playing with creativity when it comes to candid photography, Red Veds is revered for working on storylines and reflecting the narratives through their clicks.

Having a meld of recital, depth and emotions in their portraits, Mohit Bharadwaj and his team of dedicated lensmen are known to immerse themselves into producing the finest of pictures, thus leaving you with memories captured like never before.

Contact details:

Mobile: 919888409200/ +91 9107000092
Email: Redvedsbymb@gmail.com
Website: www.redveds.com
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Redveds
Instagram page: www.instagram.com/red_veds