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Amit Sood Photography

Location: Delhi NCR and Chandigarh

About Amit Sood Photography:

Born on the very date of 19th of August which happens to be celebrated as World Photography Day, Amit believes that he was destined to be inclined towards the art. Accompanied by his better half Tanu, who takes care of the sales and designing domain of the company, the duo are firm believers of the fact that ‘Photography is not just a profession, but a passion’.

Amit and his team are known to help you preserve every moment of your fairytale wedding by capturing them in the most striking fashion. While Amit considers it an honor to be able to cover the beauty and vibrance of Indian weddings, he also considers it to be his moral duty to repay the opportunity by creating a mesmerising collection of these unforgettable memories with his photo-journalistic skills.

He also claims that while every other photographer can deliver you photos, he and his team go a step further to make every click awe-inspiring. Every photograph has a story behind it and Amit and his team strive to bring out the essence of that story through their pictures. Comparing photography to the art of painting, Amit says, “For me photography and painting are very similar. Both reflect the human imagination in a tangible form.”

Contact details:

Mobile: +91 9878799555, +91 9417209555
Email: amitsoodphotography@gmail.com
Website: www.amitsoodphotography.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/amitsoodphotography
Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/amitsoodphotography
Youtube Page: www.youtube.com