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Shreya Sen Photography

Location: Mumbai

About Shreya:

Shreya Sen Photography was started with in 2011 to be more than just a silent observer to emotions and stories. Shreya was training to be a psychologist but somewhere the desire to push her right brain forward lead her to pursuing her love for photography. Having trained with renowned fashion photographer R. Burman, her style is creative, classic and editorial giving emphasis to compositions, simple editing yet at the same time keeping an eye for genuine emotions and moments. The intention is to shoot a wedding like a story that you would want to keep coming back and relive your wedding day along with all the tiny details that you might have missed out on. Shreya gives a lot of importance on getting to know her client and understanding their dynamics with their loved one and hopefully creating images that reflect the love and soul of their personalities. She photographs weddings all over India as well as destination weddings outside the country. Personally given a choice, Shreya loves shooting weddings where theres lot of love and energy in the air or ones where there is a lot of thought put into everything whether it is the bridal trousseau or the decor.

Contact details:

Mobile: +919920498808
Email: shreyasenphotography@gmail.com
Website: www.shreyasenphotography.com
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/shreyasenphotography