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Three Little Words

Location: Pune and Mumbai

About Three Little Words:

Three Little Words, led by the enthusiastic and very talented Ashish Langade, bring out the Heart in Art. Sharing the knowledge acquired during his journey in this beautiful world of photography through the pictures he captures, he expresses what he feels about a subject, be it a wedding shoot or couple’s portraits, by capturing emotions in its true essence. Pre-wedding shoots have unveiled to him numerous love stories in unimaginable ways. Every wedding is a different story yet with the same energy, colors and happy spirits all over. What he loves about all this is that he can help people beautify their memories and capture the best ones.

Contact details:

Mobile: +91 90496 80434
Email: ashishlangade@gmail.com
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/AshishLangadePhotography
Instagram page: www.instagram.com/3three.little.words