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The Photo Diary


Location: Mumbai

About The Photo Diary:

Mumbai based Monisha Ajgaonkar is the Founder of The Photo Diary, that provides all the services in the realm of Wedding Photography & Videography.
After completing her studies from JJ School of Arts, Mumbai, Monishas journey in photography began with capturing highlights at luxury and social events. She worked with Bombay Times and as a freelance photographer for several prominent magazines. She then discovered her love for Candid Photography and decided to focus more on Wedding Photography. “I liked how as a Candid Wedding Photographer one just goes with the flow, and how one has to take that extra initiative to compose pictures. The essence of our work is discovering as many angles as possible, yet maintaining the candor of the scene. We are constantly searching for the laughs, tears of joy, feeling of glory, sense of amazement, the get-up-and-go for it moment, vivacity and dynamism in people- and when we put to all together to compose the Photo Diary, one experiences a joy like no other.”


Contact details:

Mobile: +91-9820891659
Email: monisha.thephotodiary@gmail.com
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/thephotodiary3