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LensEyeZia Productions

Location: Delhi NCR

About LensEyeZia Productions:

Founded by Arushi Lakra and led by her along with Akanksha Verma, LensEyeZia Productions is a Delhi based team of highly passionate and professional photographers who transform your special celebrations in flawless memories that you will cherish forever. They dig deeper that everyone else to capture those details that make your wedding unique, so you can relive not just the lighlights, but every moment of your wedding for all eternity.

With years of extensive experience of weddings around the country, they are highly verse in a myriad photography styles to provide something for everyone, with each result being as perfect. They strongly believe in the power of finesse and seamlessly blend into your festivities to capture each second flawlessly.

Contact details:

Mobile: +91 8375855616/ 9811762557
Email: lenseyeziaproductions@gmail.com
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/lenseyeziaproductions
Instagram page: www.instagram.com/lenseyeziaproductions
Youtube page: www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ8MgsPijyDlTUEnToLXpDw