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A Marriage of Moments and Melodies

Feel the emotions come alive with mesmerising montages set to music in Aanchal and Raghav’s destination wedding film by Hitched & Clicked

The poignant, earthy strains of Kesariya Balam Aave Ho tune, the silhouette of a folk singer with his sarangi and panoramic views of the hotel at the start of the video set the note of what to expect…
With the majestic Fairmont Jaipur built to resemble a 16th century Mughal palace as the venue, this destination wedding was a heady mix of intimate and exciting, traditional and trendy – all captured on film.

The editing of the film skillfully paces the shots, beginning with leisurely, slow-motion montages set against folk music, then picks up pace with quick cuts of the cocktail revelry which sees the assembled guests jiving to Alesso’s ‘We Could Be Heroes’. The pace then slows again when capturing the solemnity of traditional wedding rituals like pheras

Highlights of the video include a beautiful bride giggling as the groom reads the vows, stunning drone shots that feature aerial views of the imposing backdrop, and the fusion of different soundtracks to capture the myriad moods of this wedding.
The hallmark essence of Rajasthan – its history, beauty and timelessness, coupled with the brilliant colours of a traditional Indian wedding makes this video a memorable.

Videography: Hitched & Clicked

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