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A modern story of an old-fashioned love

Your eyes will mist over as you watch this young couple make each other laugh in this joyous, moving wedding video

Prep school partners, they fought when she came first and he came third in a fancy dress competition. Old friends. Soul mates. Husband and wife. Trishna and Nihal’s wedding film is a promise of love that grows stronger. This ballad of two lifetimes turning into one has been captured beautifully by Kartikeya Bhalla, underscored by Christina Perri’s redolent lyrics “I’ve loved you for a thousand years; I’ll love you for a thousand more.”

The wedding film begins with the bride’s mother welcoming young Nihal into their family. It moves effortlessly between tender scenes of the bride, her friends, the haldi ceremony to the wedding revelry, madness and effervescence. As a bride, Trishna is radiant, beautiful and crazily in love. Nihal is charming, handsome and trying to hang on to his sanity, responding to the toasts, advice and banter from their best friends. What emerges is a cinematographic tribute to the love of a very special young couple, with candid moments, shared laughter and a story that lingers. “To the beautiful couple: may your love be modern enough to survive the times, yet old fashioned to last forever.”

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