In the valley and slopes of Kashmir, where most go to lose themselves, Aamir and Afsha found each other. She knew when he laid his heart bare with his poetry, that their connection was one for life. Their wedding film shot by Rock Paper Scissors encapsulates special moments of their dreamy wedding, with its languid pace that is accentuated by long panoramic shots and slow-motion sequences.

The first shot of the film is a romantic poem followed by words spoken by groom Aamir who is an Instagram star with his @kashmirthroughmylens account. Scenes of quintessential Kashmir - shikaras on Dal Lake, a slope lit with bright blooms - capture the viewer's interest. The couple makes an appearance on screen, happily ensconced in each other's arms.

While pictures don’t do justice to the ethereal charm of Kashmir, the film by Rock Paper Scissors succeeds in capturing the stunning vistas with montages that capture the regions unparalleled beauty. One such example is the historic Jalali House where Aamir and Afsha's wedding ceremony takes place.

The talented team of Rock Paper Scissors behind the lens evokes the essence of gentle romance with beautiful shots of Aamir lifting Afsha's dupatta, the bride walking towards the nikaah ceremony and the merriment on the dance floor alongside smiles of the young and old. The soothing soundtrack and smooth transitions makes this film a multi-sensorial, magical delight, from the opening frames capturing a beautiful sunrise to the sunset in the end. Fairytales don't get better than this.

Video Courtesy: Rock Paper Scissors

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