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Aashna and Bhisham, Karma Lake Lands, Gurgaon

Dancing, happiness and love are the constants throughout this video.

At their first meeting, our bride Aashna was smitten and was sure that Bhisham was her groom. This tale of ‘love at first sight’ has been gorgeously captured by WeddingSutra Favorite – WeddingNama.

Aashna and Bhisham’s surreal nuptials took place at the Karma Lake Lands, Gurgaon. It was not just the perfect location for a nature-loving bride – it had a deep emotional resonance. Aashna wanted to marry the love of her life under the tree her father had planted.

The film opens with a bird’s eye view of the mandap and then the lay of the land.

WeddingNama captures the couple stepping into their new lives by dancing together, high on love and life. The gentle soundtrack is the perfect transition into the next part of the film that captures the wedding rituals. The ecstatic bride tells us she loved the feeling, the process of getting married.

The entire video works at several levels as vibrant colors are juxtaposed with gorgeous music instantly taking the viewer on the same ride of happiness the family featured in the film are on. Using intuition and skill, WeddingNama manages to capture the family’s joy, love and excitement in just 5 minutes, making viewers feel like they are a part of the celebrations.

We step into the final moments of the video with lively music underscoring a montage of the newlyweds and their loved ones celebrating and dancing. In the final words of the groom, as he promises his bride that “every day we will celebrate the way we celebrated today,” we ask, what better vow can a bride ask for?

Video Courtesy: WeddingNama

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