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Aastha and Karan, Mumbai

This duo’s wedding packed traditional charm and rocking revelry in equal measure. Take a peek into Aastha and Karan's heady memories through this wedding video shot by The Lightsmiths.

Regal, elegant nuptials are charming, but exciting celebrations add a new level of energy to wedding videos. Aastha and Karan’s fun functions, especially the parties, were deftly captured by The Lightsmiths team.

The video begins with Aastha’s sister-in-law talking highly about her brother Karan’s bride and expressing her relief that he has found the perfect girl to marry. Aastha Sharma is a noted celebrity fashion stylist, and Karan Lamba is former actress Minissha Lamba’s brother. The camera pans to an unassuming Aastha who bursts into a laugh upon realizing that she is being filmed. The screen then fills with clips of the heady parties that comprised their wedding celebrations, with guests taking to the dancefloor and even tables!

The indoor revelry gives way to an outdoor haldi ceremony where Aastha is captured enjoying the messy merrymaking as she gets smeared with turmeric paste. The sight of a serene floral mandap and visuals of the couple making their way to it slow the pace of this wedding video. However, a few minutes later, the viewer once again enters a rocking bash where young and old let their hair down.

The Lightsmiths team deftly captures the joy and bonhomie between the couple and their friends all through the video. The peppy tracks, sharp editing and quirky moments make this video as much fun to watch as the parties shown in it.

Videography: The Lightsmiths

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