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Ain and Sarmad, Kashmir

A wedding trailer set in the majestic locales of Srinagar that delivers a whirlwind of emotions.

From the majestic mountains of Kashmir to the minute details of the bride’s jewelry, Ain and Sarmad’s wedding video trailer by WeddingSutra Favorite – KnotsByAMP captures a range of actions, frames, and feelings of a deeply expressive family.

This narrative video welcomes viewers to be a part of the wedding revelries vicariously from the opening shots of a glowing house with fairy lights and joys of a bride’s wedding day. Ain’s father adds an emotional touch to the proceedings by sharing heartwarming anecdotes and photos from her childhood. The frame switches to the bride getting ready for the pre-wedding celebrations as the tranquil background score sets the perfect mood for the pace of the wedding video.

The next set of evocative visuals include Ain walking down the aisle, her father kissing her on the forehead and speaking about how it is a blessing yet an emotional experience to see his daughter getting married, the groom’s expression on seeing his soulmate, and Ain’s expressed happiness at getting married to someone as warm and loving as Sarmad.

The background audio track also includes a mix of the famous Kashmiri folk song – Harmokh Bartal composed by the team at KnotsByAMP, alongside images of the calm waters of the Dal Lake. The song beautifully expresses the love of a woman for her beloved. The stunning details of Ain’s exquisite jewelry being placed on her neck accompany her mixed emotions as she goes on to narrate her feelings beautifully.

A shot of Ain and Sarmad holding hands, against the backdrop of the verdant mountains, lends a romantic nuance alongside candid and happy moments shared by the couple. The scenic locations play a starring role and have been depicted in all their natural glory by the team of KnotsbyAMP. The trailer concludes with a beautiful shot of the duo holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes.

Location: Srinagar, Kashmir
Videography: KnotsByAMP

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